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NYC Murder Mystery Birthday Parties

See if you can solve this equation: A birthday plus a murder mystery equals...? If you said “the best idea ever,” you deserve a gold star. Here in NYC, we can provide the second half of that equation so that you’ll be sure to have the ultimate birthday party.

The Murder Mystery Company is really good at celebrating, and we want to celebrate with you! Any of the exceptionally fun themes in our catalog would be perfect for a party, so select whichever one would captivate the guest of honor the most, and we’ll take care of the rest. Every bash could benefit from a little variety, and we can pretty much guarantee that the thrill of a whodunnit is bound to surprise your guests. They’ll wonder how you came up with such a great idea, and you’ll score major points for being the most amazing party planner ever.

Perfect for any super sleuth who is also into celebrating birthdays, a murder mystery is the prime ingredient needed to kick the festivities into high gear. We’ve got tons of ideas, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you’re still in the pre-planning stages. Give our experts a call today at 888-643-2583 to start setting up your killer blowout in NYC!